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Updated: Saturday August 10, 2013

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Situation Briefing




Briefing Overview


 Item 1:  Incident History
In order to give all responding ARES personnel the most accurate information possible, the first item to be covered will be a short history on the current event.  Providing this information will enable a better understanding of the chain of events that led to our activation.

 Item 2:  Affected Personnel (WHO)
The second topic will be a synopsis of who is affected and in what fashion.  Specific information detailing what positions need to be filled may be provided at this point.

 Item 3:  Tasking Assignments (WHAT)
The third topic of the briefing will be what we are being tasked with providing.  This is when operators are given specifics on Net Control Stations, repeaters, served agencies, staging locations, available tactical and net frequencies.

 Item 4:  Expected Duration (WHEN)
The fourth topic will cover how long we are expected to remain activated.  Expected shift rotations will be announced at this time.

 Item 5:  Location of Operations (WHERE)
During this section of the briefing, maps of actual deployment locations may be given to each operator.  Deploying personnel will be informed of the talk-in frequencies to be used, location of staging and who to report in with.  All personnel must sign in on arrival!

 Item 6:  Reason for Activation (WHY)
This is when we inform the operators why they are being activated.

 Item 7:  What Safety Precautions are needed (SAFETY)
The most important and final section of the briefing is to provide all operators with the Safety information that each person needs to know.  This will include the precautions to take, the personal protective equipment (PPE) to use and the hazards to expect.

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Office of the Emergency Coordinator
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