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The Amateur Radio Emergency Service was officially established in Sherburne County, Minnesota on February 27,  2006. The organization started out with a small core of ten dedicated individuals who designed the Emergency Response Plan and associated Memoranda of Understandings. These documents established the basic operating guidelines of the organization.

The Sherburne County ARES membership includes local businessmen and women, students, government employees, military personnel, skilled laborers, retired civilians and even military retirees, all of whom have a dedication to providing public service.

The Sherburne County ARES organization provides communications services to the Cities of Becker, Big Lake, Elk River, Orrock, Princeton, Santiago, St. Cloud, Zimmerman,  and various other Sherburne County communities.  

During times of emergency, when normal communication methods have been disrupted, our federally licensed radio operators (ham radio operators) are able to provide both ARES and RACES communications for Hospitals, Fire Departments, Sheriff and Police Departments and other local authorities.

The Sherburne County ARES organization operates under club call sign K0SCA, and is directly supported by the Sherburne County Repeater Guild, Inc. The Sherburne County ARES organization also actively supports all of our local Amateur Radio Operators including the Sherburne County Amateur Radio Club. The Sherburne County Amateur Radio Club meets every third Tuesday of the month in the Elk River Emergency Operations Center. The goal of the club is to promote the sharing of new ideas and an atmosphere where "Hams" can learn more about our favorite hobby.

The K0SCA Club Station Repeater is now coordinated and fully operational. It transmits on a frequency of 147.285 with a positive 600 khz. offset, and has a CTCSS tone of 131.8.

The repeaters in Big Lake and Princeton have been re-coordinated with the MRC.  Both repeaters are fully operational. The Big Lake repeater is assigned a frequency of 145.490 with a 146.2 tone. The Princeton repeater is assigned a frequency of 146.775 with a 146.2 tone.

The new UHF repeater located at the Fairview Northland Hospital in Princeton has been programmed and installed. All that is remaining is to install the antenna system. It will be operating on a frequency of 444.700 with a 146.2 tone.


Leadership Personnel


Dan Shartle - N0JHU Emergency Coordinator
Dan Shartle has held the position of Emergency Coordinator since this organization was started in 2006.  Dan holds a General Class FCC License, a Restricted Radiotelephone Operator License, and a Ship Station License. He has been involved in Public Service his entire life, and is a retired military Communications and Navigation Systems Technician.

Jon Rasmussen - W0RAZ Operations AEC
Jon Rasmussen has held management positions within this organization for over 5 years now. Holding a General Class FCC license, Jon has vast amount of experience to pass on to our members and served agancies. He is also employed as a Jailor by a Local Law Enforcement Agency, and thrives on challenges.  Jon is very active in the Sherburne County Skywarn program.

Mike Steckelberg - K0MJS  SKYWARN Director
Sherburne County SKYWARN is now lead by a new Director this season. Mike Steckelberg is a member of the Sherburne County ARES Team and has been involved in SKYWARN spotting for many years. Mike has extensive experience in SKYWARN operations and has managed personel throughout his career.

Mike Steckelberg - K0MJS Planning & Training AEC
Mike Steckelberg has held the Planning and Training AEC position since the organization was started. Mike holds an Extra Class FCC license and is very experienced in all facets of planning and organizing. Knowing the importance of structured training courses, Mike is actively designing a training plan that will keep our members ready to deploy - if needed.
Bob Scanlon - W9RJS Logistics AEC
Bob Scanlon was recently elected to the position of Logistics AEC. Bob has been a mainstay of the Wright County SKYWARN program, and a source of valuable knowledge for our membership. He holds an Extra Class FCC license and has a vast amount of computer and electronic circuit knowledge.
Greg Ogden - K0GWO Net Operations AEC
Greg Ogden has been our AEC for Net Operations since September 2007. He holds an Extra Class FCC license and is a very experienced Net Control Operator. This past years Skywarn activations have kept him very busy.

Contact the Emergency Coordinator's Office via email

Office of the Emergency Coordinator
Daniel L. Shartle, N0JHU


As a volunteer organization, Sherburne County ARES welcomes any suggestions you might have to help us serve you better.

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